Who knew on the bottom of GU?


On the next week of lockdown…

Summary of before.

Week Run Ride Weight
23 – 29 March 0 56.2mi / 3hr 38min 89.5kg
30 March – 5 April 0 158mi / 11hr 88.2kg
6 – 12 April 6.2mi / 1hr 115mi / 6hr 47min 87.4kg
13 – 19 April 7.5mi / 1hr 123mi / 7hr 7min 86.8kg
20 – 26 April 21mi / 2hr 54min 98mi / 6hr 86.3kg
27 April – 3 May 12 / 1hr 50min 120mi /  6hr 20min 85.9kg
4 May – 10 May 29.8mi / 4hr 20min 94mi / 5hr 22min 84.1kg
11 – 17 May  29.4mi / 4hr 12min 89.9mi / 6hr 8min 84.0kg
POWER (Bests) 20min  = 228W 16/5 5min = 261W 1min = 385W

Exercise: Week 4, 17 Weeks to go – To what? To where?

11 1hr easy ride 24Km

12 AM 50 min easy ride 21Km / PM 1hr intervals with Gobi 27Km 

13 AM run 5.5mi 47min easy / PM 28Km easy 1hr with Wiggo

14 AM 11Km easy 25min / PM 1hr intervals with Gobi 24Km

15 PM 6.5Km easy run 

16 AM 10Km easy run / PM 2hrs ride up the Alpe 24mi (New 20 min power PB)

17 AM 22Km long run 

Total:  Run 29.4mi / 4hr 12min and 90mi / 6hr 8min

Weight: 84.0Kg (?) I struggled at the start of the week to continue the gains of last week despite healthy eating.  85s and 6s were on the scale.  Then post Alpe I saw 83.5Kg for the first time.  While false due to dehydration it was nice to see a new lowest number.  And then Sun AM I was pleased to see 84.0Kg and progress.  Post run I hit 83.0Kg.  Sensible eating and fingers crossed for Mon AM’s weigh in…

Monday started with a relaxed ride with RNTri.  Tuesday I kept up the calorie burning with an easy AM session.  The afternoon was an interval thrashing around the Yorkshire loop with the Fetch team.  

I dragged myself out of bed on Wednesday for a really easy jog and escaped work to ride with Sir Wiggo on the Zwift in the evening which was fun.


By Thursday evening (after an easy ride in the AM) I was knackered (again) but this time I could barely get the power down.  I was googling ‘swollen thighs’ and wondering why I wasn’t losing weight this week.  Maybe it’s the Donuts?  I blame Gobi – joking.

On Friday I had 24hrs off and ran easy in the PM only.  So not really a pure rest day but light enough to be ready for the Alpe.

Saturday started with 10Km easy run followed by dinosaur hunting in Drayton Woods near Tring. We picked up a couple of bonus geocaches too. Then I joined a mate for a ride up the Alpe for only my 2nd time this PM taking 30 min off PB, adding 25W to my ave of entire segment. New 20 min power PB. Donuts were consumed!  No wheels though unlike a certain Fetchie who gained them on their second ascent.

I finished the week with longish run of 22Km and it was once more lovely and sunny.  I realised I’d taken a wrong turn at 15Km and put my watch into back to start mode.  I hopped a couple of fences, got shouted at by the swish-fuckers and found a new common/open land called Merry Hill.  There were cows in the field!  Inside the M25. Crazy.  Greener than you think.


Shopping: My RNRMCA shirt arrived – Size L rather than XL – it’s really toight!  There’s some motivation to lose more Kgs.

Book: Started War with Russia by Richard Shirreff.  I mean I didn’t actually start a war with Russia just the book.

Chess: Won my game this week which was great.  


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