Keep going through hell

When you’re going through hell, keep going. Churchill (apparently)

<<Self indulgent moment starts>>


This is a special mid-week blog after playing the British Cycling City Crit Series Race on the Zwift.

I have raced this the other way round (CW) on 5 May in Cat D.  Back then I took 42:18 with an average of 208W.

Today, 20 May, I raced in Cat C. I finished 6th and knocked over 8min off my time finishing in 33:44 with an average of 268W!

Queue FTP increase from 227W to 261W. A whopping 15% in 15 days.  I’m buzzing.



<<Gobi appreciation starts>>

Thu 7 May was the first meet-up with Gobi and the Fetch team.  Which means I’ve done 4 interval sessions of 5 minute efforts and sprints.  While these sessions will have improved my performance 15% is a big increase.  

I think the main thing it helped with was learning to suffer.  It can’t always get worse.  I also think (but can’t prove) there’s less sandbagging in Cat C and we were able to ride as a group – there was a big Army showing tonight.  


Travelling at speed meant the laps flew by and my motivation to ‘stay on’ the bunch increased. I buried myself deeper and before I knew it, it was over.  After a tedious day at work, a session like that was amazing.  

As a runner, I always see people at parkrace and think that they could go harder but they don’t know it yet – well the same is true for me on the bike.  There is no way I knew I could go that hard for that long.  

So what are you waiting for? 


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