Another week in May

On the this week of lockdown… keep going!

Summary of weeks before

Week Run Ride Weight
23 – 29 March 0 56.2mi / 3hr 38min 89.5kg
30 March – 5 April 0 158mi / 11hr 88.2kg
6 – 12 April 6.2mi / 1hr 115mi / 6hr 47min 87.4kg
13 – 19 April 7.5mi / 1hr 123mi / 7hr 7min 86.8kg
20 – 26 April 21mi / 2hr 54min 98mi / 6hr 86.3kg
27 April – 3 May 12 / 1hr 50min 120mi /  6hr 20min 85.9kg
4 May – 10 May 29.8mi / 4hr 20min 94mi / 5hr 22min 84.1kg


Exercise: Week 3, 18 Weeks to go (not sure what to right now)!

4 Ride 45 min / 10mi / Run 45 min / 5.5mi PM

5 RIde 1hr / 17mi AM /Run 43min / 5.5mi PM

6Easy hour social group ride AM / Ride 33min / 8.5mi PM

7 Ride 1hr 36min with 2x volcano laps with lap recover and 5x sprints

8 Run 1hr / 7mi

9 Ride 1hr / /30Km TT 

10 Run 1hr 50min / 12mi

Total:  Run 29.8mi / 4hr 20min and 94mi / 5hr 22min (9hr 40min) 

Weight: 84.1kg 

Monday I felt tired and missed the AM group ride due to an ‘echanical’ (sic) but did an easy ride before running with the boys up and down the road.  I felt motivated so when they went in I did my normal loop.  

Tuesday was another tired start on the bike but I did a longer loop in the PM sun.  I lost my chess match too quickly with a really stupid blunder.  

On Wednesday I joined RNRM Tri for an easy social ride round New York.  My first time on Discord chat which seemed to work well.

By Thursday I was knackered but my lack of backbone and knowing that I ‘should do some exercise’ saw me join Lord Orange for some FTP sessions around the Volcano of pain.  Was excellent and I did an hour and a half setting new PBs for 1min and 5min power.

I went for a slight variation of my normal run loop on Friday.  Felt good.  My achilles (left) is a little tired/sore at the start of a run but once loosened it’s fine.  I’ve started stretching more.  I know people say it’s bollocks but I’ve noticed it make things better as I’ve increased miles on bike and running.

I joined a 30Km TT on Saturday with RNTri and did it in 1:02:25.  Three laps of Central Park in 18:56, 20:00, 20:55 and bits for the last bit to make it 30Km.  We went for a family walk after at Aldenham Park around the 100 Aker Wood.  


Sunday longish run of 12 miles around trails exploring new routes and bumped into a Twitter runner of Centurion races.  Was lovely and sunny.

My Huub ‘Better in than out’ top arrived – size XL and still tioght!


Book: Free Country by George Manhood (finished) – downloaded a few more 99p ones.  I won’t be reading Mid-life Cyclist.  Fuck me it’s depressing.  I thought I’d read the running book but can’t imagine I have.  I had to unfollow Matt Haig recently for similar reasons -for a depressive he’s bloody depressing!  Follow Andy Cope instead and make everyday great!  



Blog and YouTube list: Fast and has training example weeks

Chess: Lost both 45min + 15sec games but won a few in the 3min+2 sec ECF tournament.


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