The antithesis of tomorrow

Another week down.  Tired after the fell race and stressed with work I struggled to run much or focused on a healthy diet.  I dare not step on the scales.  Anyway, like a resolution tomorrow is April 1 and while I’m sure I’m a fool it also means I can mentally refocus for my final 5 weeks of training.  Don’t panic dragon charmers! There are still 7 weeks to go but I am going to ‘chunk’ it to make it easier to think about.  Five weeks of training concentrating on weight loss and quality hill days.  Thirty five six days which will finish at the GL3D on early May Day bank holiday Monday.  Then it’s two weeks of recovery.  So although this week has not been the best, I will concentrate on making the next 5 better.  

Week 5: 25 – 31 Mar 19
Mileage: 20.9 miles
Ascent: 1412 m
Rest: Mon, Thu, Fri
Weight: Couldn’t face it


The antithesis of tomorrow.

Amazingly, despite my concerns I actually got some quality ascent in.  The weekend was spent in Scotland competing against universities in an orienteering competition.   We were extremely lucky with the weather giving us amazing views and great conditions.  I made some silly mistakes but it was nice to compete against a quality field on amazing terrain – excellent training for the dragon. I am sure people thought I was a little odd and possibly out of my depth.

Week Focus Race? Risks 
1 – 7 Apr 19 30+ miles Easy No Last week of work
8 – 14 Apr 19 Week in Wales  Llangollen Fell Race (14th) Injury
15 – 21 Apr 19 Recovery/steady then Jk JK Orienteering 

19 – 22 Apr 19

22 – 28 Apr 19 Recovery then 2x long No Back to work
29 Apr – 6 May 19 Recovery/easy GL3D 4 – 6 May 19

IMG_3558 So that’s the plan.  I will need to properly diet to get anywhere close to race shape.    

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