Training my alpha…

While running today I realised that obviously to train a dragon you need an alpha dragon.  Anyway… 

Another 2 weeks down.  8 weeks to go.

Week 3: 11 – 17 Mar 19 Week 4: 18 – 24 Mar 19
Mileage: 39.4 miles Mileage: 36.3 miles
Ascent: 1275m Ascent: 1715m
Rest: Mon, Wed, Fri Rest: Mon to Wed
Weight: Mon 78.2Kg Weight: Mon 78.2Kg

It’s been a busy 2 weeks at work and I have been fighting swollen glands.  I have mainly been medicating with excessive calorie intake.  Not good but at least I maintained weight.

My weekend sessions were excellent.  Last week I spent a few hours training around Wendover Woods.  I’d planned 2 laps and 20 miles but after a fast 1st lap I bailed at half way – 15 miles and 800m of climb.  I made sure I ran a solid 13 the next day to make sure I’d done 28 miles over the weekend and it counted.

This week has been tiring and hard work.  Early starts and late finishes.  I squeezed in runs Thu-Sun.  Friday we went to see England win 5-0 which was an amazing experience.  A great atmosphere.


Yesterday DS2 had his party so I got my magic tricks out.  DS1 was very curious to help.  After dinner I drove to Stafford to break my journey up.  I’d got a place in the Edale skyline fell race off the wait list.  

What a day.  21 miles, 34 km, 1300m of climb.  Clear skies but quite windy.  I did run a little fast at the start but figured it’s all good training. 

I promise I’ll run slower for the dragon.  The G260 Inov8s were amazing – definitely explored the limits with some leaps and know I can trust them now.  There may have been a few hot spots but no blisters still.  First toe and outside of ball of foot are key areas.  I may try talc next time and get some of those lady feet sandpaper things.  Lovely pie, mushy peas and gravy at the end with a sweet tea.


I learned quite a lot.  I can see why those long ultra bottle straws are cheap on eBay – it was like running whilst being hit with a plastic phallus.  I definitely need to run slower and keep calm on the hills.

I experienced the beautiful runner’s high of narcoleptic post run warmth, sadly I was driving but it was lovely!


I also recommend the ‘Don’t Tell Me The Score’ podcast especially the Fear and Legacy episodes.

8 weeks of training to go…


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