Trying to come back.  It was quite a long way so my body needs time 

Week 1: 27 May – 2 Jun 19.  4 miles run/walk and 22 mile ride.
Week 2: 3 – 9 Jun 19.  13 miles run and 11 mile ride. 19:47 Parkrun
Week 3: 10 – 16 Jun 19.  21 miles run. 41:10 10K
Weight: 77Kg+ and increasing!

With the skin peeling off my feet and time passing I think I can think about training and taking care of myself.  My ankle is not perfect and I need to do some exercises and stretching.  Remember Steve Birkinshaw and Huw Brassington needed months to recover.  I am hoping my lack of running will get me back sooner.

This week I rested on Monday after a ride and very short run on Sunday where I ate the gnats of Essex.  On Tue I had to do my fitness (fatness) test.  I passed which was good.  The bleep test isn’t easy when recovering from a sprained ankle but pain was only a 2/3.  I wasn’t stopping at my level 8.03 as it was embarrassingly low so kept going to be last one standing (yes I’ve seen the ultra, yes I’m keen to have a go and visit big dog’s backyard ultra run by… Laz Lake or Barkley fame), level 11.03.


On Wednesday I ran in the evening for the first time in a while.  It was a midweek 10Km competition in the Watford park.  I’d signed up, bought a vest and put in my club change just in time!  I ran 3.5 miles to the start, picked up my kit – there was a group on newbies, all recruited by Steve N.  Nice to have company!  I did the 10K in 41.10 in the rain.  I paced it really well.  After my trail and mountain training I was strong on the hills, fast going uphill and down, slow on the flat!  I really didn’t want to go out after a busy day at work into the rain and pound the streets – now if it’d been a lakeland fell I’d have been straight out the door!  It felt good to run fast though and I was 50th overall, 15th Watford Jogger.  


I rested until Sunday and got out on some new trails with the Joggers.  13Km in 1:15.  I now have nearly 4 weeks to train for the Wendover Woods 50Km night event.  After that I have the Subida Veleta 50km straight up the highest peak near Granada, Spain.  50Km with 2800m isn’t a lot compared to the DBR but there is no downhill so it finishes at 3400m altitude!  

And then I need to plan for the Bob Graham.  At a social the other night someone who had done a recce and decided they stood no chance couldn’t remember the names of some of the peaks.  I rattled off the detail.  Mmmm… I might not have recce’d yet but the revision is coming along.  I’m stacking up a list of supporters so I need to make plans.    


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