Diolch & pob lwc!

8025DA4C-F504-482F-86B9-B1746DB39821.pngDon’t worry it’s nearly the end of these blog posts. Then you get the post race spam! After completing GL3D on Monday week I took all week off training. I ate and couldn’t stop. My body was recovering. I ran an easy 4 miles on Sunday and had a sports massage. My legs feel ready. I ran 5 miles on Monday and Tuesday.


I have prepared my kit. It’s all laid out, well was all piled up but now I’m ready. I finished a final week of work and now it’s  up to Conwy.

There’s not much more to say and I’m not renowned for emotion.  It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. I’ve explored a lot and managed to experience new races. It’s been a crazy adventure. This is where is all began.


It does seem like a long time ago and most of those 10Kgs are gone. I certainly don’t have much ultra pedigree to go on as the GB Ultras Snowdon 50is my only mark. I’ve lost a few pounds since that photo.

Actually, it was reading Mr Vassos’ book that started it. I’m re-reading it now and the Dragon’s Back is right at the start. It sounded horrific and I needed to change my life so sign me up! We had been in the UK 6 weeks after the Australian summer and I was in a tough job looking for a distraction to focus on. It took me about 6 months to really focus on the challenge. I’m thinking of putting it in my drop bag and asking him to sign it for me…


I’ve recced days 1, 2 and half of 3. During that time it hasn’t scared me. I’m nervous now though. Knowing I’m locking into the system with only what I have in my bags.  My feet are good now but what shape will they be in in 3 days time?  What pace will I be able to maintain then?  Well we’ll see.  This section around Drum was the bit I found tough on the recce. 


Follow the adventure at http://live.opentracking.co.uk/dragonsb19/number 330. Send me a dragon mail through the envelope which goes live on Monday.

Obviously no one is going to do this for me. It’s all on me. The volunteers, I know from GL3D, will be great and help but they cannot climb these mountains. The support I’ve had through the year from family has been amazing – a week in the lakes, in Aug, orienteering in the rain when it was 30 Deg everywhere else. Chasing me around Ogwen Valley with no phone signal (the infamous CP5) until 0300!  The random packages containing more essential kit!  


Letting me run, race and prepare for this mid-life crisis has been a sacrifice – gracias guapa!  It’s been fun getting the kids outside. Catbells, Snowdon, rock climbing – they’ve loved it. I think that support will carry me along when it gets tough! I’m really motivated to get outside. I’m not convinced this will be my last crazy adventure though…



In July, I’ve got the Centurion Wendover Woods 50km.  I want to do the Pico Veleta 50km in Aug and I’m keen to have a go at some more mountain marathons too. Let’s not get ahead of myself…

A final thought. I was brought up on the ‘clean shirt’ rules based adventures of scouting and DofE. I used to study maps linking routes but was stifled by a the rules. It’s only know that I know my limits and the margins of safety. This weekend Nicky Spinks is double paddy Buckley round. Impossible is nothing, anything is possible.  https://www.inov-8.com/blog/nicky-spinks-double-paddy-buckley/


“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right” Henry Ford.


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