Want to wear Rapha? The Rules


Yes it is beautiful and priced appropriately which will add that double-take to your ride normally reserved to the Pro-Peloton, World Champions or those masquerading as either.  However, if you feel that wearing Rapha is for you a few tips.

1.   http://www.rapha.cc/jersey-downsize-offer The jersey downsize offer means you do not have to buy a jersey that neither fits nor flatters and you can allow your bulge to disappear beneath a beautiful jersey rather than scaring everyone with a Mr Creosote impression.

2.  If your jersey is worth more than your bike you’re doing it wrong.  Today I saw an elegantly dressed cyclist complete with climber’s cap but riding a Halfords Carrera.  Now they have their place and have introduced many to cycling but it was what I noticed when I shouldn’t have.

3.  Of course both of the above points are irrelevant if your legs do the talking!  Don’t get me started on 4th Cat cyclists wearing Mavic Zxellium Elite shoes!


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