And so it begins…

Another foolish soul succumbs to the lure and signs up for a triathlon, a sport for those with limited attention spans and high pain thresholds. Approaching 30 with a Spanish wife and a barely 3 month little boy I decide that training for a triathlon is a good idea. 

Nothing new, interesting or exceptional in that; but let me indulge you.  I like cycling.  I prefer running but cycling is more fun.  Maybe I am better at running and it seems to hurt less even at full-bore.  So I’d only need to swim a bit!  I blame my wife.  She bought me a triathlon magazine back in Feb ’11.  Anyway it’s done, judgement day, 31 July 11 I entered the Nearwater, St. Mawes Triathlon.  It is being held over the “Sprint” distance although how much sprinting will be going on only time will tell!  I have actually thought about this, a bit, but not too much… I don’t want to talk myself out of it! 

So today I have been resting after a 4 hour outing with the Yogi Cycling club from Plymouth.  All blogs seem to start with a tale of woe and injury or stupidity only to “come good in the end”.  Well, I didn’t completely stop as I leant against a dry stone wall to let an over enthusiastic car squeeze past parked cars.  Blood was pouring down my arm and thanks to the clubs members I was bleeding less.  I popped into the local health centre who applied steri-strip saying “we hardly every stitch nowadays” – I didn’t know whether to be scared or relieved. 

Anyway, I realise I must be boring people by now so I’ll get to the point(s). 

1. I am working on a training plan to be published shortly.

2. I am making an equipment list and I have already order some essential gear (wetsuit)

3. I have started this blog so I can keep track of my progress.

Finally, I did sign up thinking it was actually closer to home than it is.  What promised to be 40 mins away is actually 1hr 30 mins.  So much for a lie in on race day!

One comment

  1. I was on my annual St Mawes holiday last week, Shep – the sea was f***ing freezing! Hopefully it will have warmed up by … er … September. Good luck in the training regime.
    PS You can do Guzz to St Mawes in just over 1 hr if you gun it!

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