Iron War

While I doubt we will recreate the magic or drama of the 1989 World Championship Ironman World Championship this Sunday could be a close (swim, bike) run affair or maybe not!

The Ironman Tracker app show two Nokes on the start line. Two brothers. We have over the years had broadly similar results albeit at different times. I would argue that I have perhaps a little more triathlon and event pedigree while my brother has more fitness and talent (he’s not fat)!

So going into race weekend as I am about to drive north what will happen?

An ironman is a long way and full of adventure so who knows but current form suggests we could be quite closely matched on the swim, I would like to believe with my $$$$$ bike I can get a gap (although I was roundly destroyed at the Fred Whitton) before being reeled in on the run. Lots of opportunities for the junkyard dog to be out!


To be honest I am not even sure what my own time will likely be giving myself about 2hr finishing window subject to wind, rain and fire! Sub 14 is my C goal. One thing is for sure it’ll be fun (right up until we run into the water).

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