Countdown to IMUK

7 days to go. One week.

“I like vanilla it’s the finest of the flavours”

The training is pretty much over with the last big ride last weekend and I’m now backed right off and keeping the body ticking over. I’ve already started second guessing every twinge, niggle, or movement.

We can start the weather watch. At the moment the forecast can only get worse. Calm winds and dry to start and ride before a refreshing dump of rain on the run.

Lists have been made. I should start packing but past me got me Thursday off work and I know where my kit is so I’m not concerned. I need to do my timeline for Thursday to Monday then I can relax and get ready.

This week is about staying calm and on plan. Focusing on process goals seems to be best for an event with so many factors. Swimming in control, bilateral breathing will get the fastest time out of me, Biking to power – I haven’t suddenly gained 50W! Riding at my FTP won’t go well, so don’t do it and then keeping the pace down on the run but starting a 9/1 run walk straight away will hopefully extend my running time.

I’ve lots of times in my head but nothing seems guaranteed. Sub 14 should work – sub 2 swim, 7hr bike, 5 hr run but its a long day so we’ll see!

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