Ironman 70.3 Staffs

A rather strange feeling ahead of this race. While I respect the distance and the challenge I am pretty sure barring any mishap I’ll finish and I may even get a PB. I think both of my previous 70.3 attempts (Busso 2016 & 17) were the wrong side of 6hrs and extremely hot on the run. Stafford is my home town so it is even stranger to be doing such a big event in the little Midlands market town where I spent my formative years (grew up 😂).

Doesn’t fit – if I’d fallen over not sure I’d got up. Laced oranges everywhere!

Not sure I’ll ever fit into the HUUB Aerious wetsuit. I nearly tore it trying it on – it looks the same size as the DHB suit but the 5mm floatyness is so thick it’s hard to wrestle into. Swimming has gone about as well as I ever have. Both sea swims in Busso: 2016 I did 44 minutes (similar training) and 2017 55 minutes (no training at all and rough – swim was cancelled due to Nobbies after I got out! 😬😳!) – swimming is swimming. Don’t drown. There’s no way of pacing like a run – my speed is my speed. I notice when I hit threshold I can only breathe on one side as I frantically gasp for air. For the swim I will “focus on the process, go steady to buoy 1”. I am faster when under control rather than being a paddle steamer! Goal in control: 45 min

Cycling is cycling. My lovely new speed machine must have me dialled in for PB! Although 800m of climbing so we will see. My previous attempts were the wrong side of 3hrs and I remember wanting to quit after 45km one year! Given I’m actually training for IMUK it’ll be alreet. Best bike split confirmed my guess of 200W although I must keep my power from spiking up hills as I will want to surge. No promises. Goal on a roll: Sub 3hrs

Running is running. Who knows what my legs will have left – I haven’t done much brick work but feeling okay if a little lardy. Next year I’ll read a diet book 😉 Stroll Goal: Sub 2hrs

Transition. I have looked at what I need to do and don’t understand why I always take so long! I’m going for fast trans and getting that sub 6!

Nutrition: The 5th discipline

Got some Maurten. Got a plan, gels and jellies. Just keep eating.

Now there is another set of goals… Swim 40min, trans less than 5 min both, bike 2:45 (Ave 32kph) and vaporfly like the wind. Sadly, it does look like the prevailing wind will be against us (even on the swim 😂) so probably not going to break any records but we can dream.

Right, I’m getting in the car and putting on some diary of a CEO. See you on the other side! Once registered I’ll share my number etc.

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