Arundel Triathlon

Non-standard ‘Standard’ distance: 750m heated lido swim, 35km bike, 8.5km run
0420 Wake up, make car coffee (carffee)
0445 Load car
0500 Wheels
0535 Arrive Arundel – Mist rising over lido. Misty castle


· Ate porridge bar and banana 350 cal – seemed enough.
· Coffee in car worked. Multitasking.
0600 Lots of back and forth between transition and car setting up transition – faffing!
0630 Swim brief, nearly missed – read instructions!
0643 Start swim.

· Think I forgot to take gel before start.

· Googles immediately filled with water. Was it haircut? Was it the swim cap?

· Pace felt sustainable – some effort when breathing went out of sync but overall controlled.
· Pushed off the wall hard to gain time. Also broke up rhythm.
· Need to increase swim volume to 3x per week inc an OW sesh.
Swim 16:45

T1 3:40
· Took too long in total.
· Arm sleeves probably not required.
· Had gel in transition, not moving.
· Socks, train as I fight for IM. Do I try no socks in training?
· Need to get some frame protectors(?)– heels clip frame.

Bike 1:11

· Good pace, very pleased – power well out – Must tighten and check pedals.
· Maurten Gels very good, easy to open, easy to eat as they are like a jelly.
· Drinking with down tube bottle was okay although not a ‘squirty bottle’ 600ml – too much?

· Need to Nutrition on uphill was the answer.

· Hard to know when to ‘sit up’ as I slow and cadence reduces on uphill.

· Bike fit needed.
T2 1:57
· Wasted time trying to put helmet on bars but couldn’t reach from back of bike.

· Felt like I’d missed something.

Run 39:00

· Set off a little quick although it was flat for first Km+.

· Laces in run shoes too long.
· Was strong on hills, maintained strength picking people off and ran all the way.
Total 2:12
Overall, I’m content. Very glad I did it as it blew the cobwebs away. Last bit of training now before summer races.

0900 Finished
0930 All packed away
1000 Home! Ready for day with family!

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