Time to Time Trial?

Nine years to the day I returned to time trial course P843/10. 

The last time I rode to and from the course on my only bike which I used to commute, TT, Tri and get spanked at races. 28:45 was the time to beat.

Cycling Time Trials are reporting that numbers are down. We were sent a survey as to why we weren’t riding. I think some of it is weather related to the weather which has been pump. The season has also only just started.

Time trials appear scary. They’re not. And they’re cheap! For some history https://www.sportive.com/time-trial/511891/testing-testing-a-beginners-guide-to-time-trialling  They’re the cycling equivalent of XC or a local races. The P means it is in the Southern Region, the number is the set course so you can compare yourself over the years and if required the /10 is the distance – in this case 10 miles. Easy. While from the outside you might think this is time trialling:

Or this:

But the reality is closer to this:

Today it was also a Fixed Gear race so it had some classic bikes like this out:

For £6 I got to test (TT riders are known as testers) myself against others, have a cake and coffee. I also learned lots in a friendly but challenging environment. 

  • I got lost on the way to the start meaning I did an extra 5 min of effort before I’d started.
  • It was the first time outdoors on my new stead and it showed. A slight nervousness transitioning from bars to brakes. Finding the right gears at the right cadence was also part of the learning experience.
  • Ultimately, I was 37 sec late – not bad for 15kg extra and the extra effort at the start. Next time. There’s always next time! 

There are many more TTs coming up – check out:

https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk national

https://www.hampshireroadclub.co.uk/2022-club-events/ Local to Portsmouth – Tuesday nights Hampshire RC run.

https://ttresults.co.uk Also local to Pompey – Thursday nights PNECC and Fareham run.

If you like cycling or triathlon and want a cheap, friendly challenge why not check out a time trial near you?

Is it cake?

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