Blogging to BED

As per:

I may not blog every day (BED) but if I don’t blog today I can’t BED tomorrow. So I’m opening my account. 

Ran 14km easy. Zone 2. This is good as it means I should survive the Trig Point race next week (27km).  
Ate well enough (deficit) and logged it in MFP. 

MFP setup tip – select sedentary and then take away calories to lose (500 I use) then you can also eat your exercise! I find it is double accounting otherwise.
Weighed in post run 85.35kg so it’s a random number. Changed scales battery.
Tidied my toiletries post house move. 
Tidied spare room. 
Did training zones and paces. 
Planned Jan’s training. 
Paid for club swimming (Wed and Fri). 

184 days to IMUK 

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