Why Try (again)?

Why Tri (again)?

Here we are again. Cut to the chase. I am where I am. Am I ready to train in 2022? To reach my potential as I head towards the dizzy heights of veteran status. Yes.

My second-best year for training by the numbers which was offset in performance through non-muscle mass (blubber). I lost 2 stone at the start of the year so I know what is possible. 

Baseline 31 Dec 21:

Swim: CSS 2:11 28 Dec.

Bike: FTP 240W (was 250W but not test for a while). Did 2300m and 5hrs in saddle 3 Dec so I think I am ready to start training.

Run: Parkrun 19:19 11 Dec.

Annual Distance goals:

Swim: 250km (5km/wk)

Bike: 10,000km (200km/wk)

Run: 2500km (50km/wk)

Press ups:  10,000 (27.4 a day)

Performance goals:

A: Ironman UK (Turn up on the start line fit, healthy and ready to fight)

B: Fred Whitton Challenge (Finish)

C: IM 70.3 Staffs (Support IMUK training)

The thing I like about triathlon is there is always something to buy a sport to do. It is such an all-encompassing sport requiring commitment and dedication. 


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