Mega March Motivation

March Part 2

Well, it has been quite a month. I did a mid-month blog after one month tracking my diet and training, this follows on.

31 January      92.9Kg             14 stone 9 pounds      204lbs

1 March           87.5Kg             13 stone 11 pounds    193lbs

14 March        84.9Kg             13 stone 5 pounds      187lbs

31 March        82.0Kg             12 stone 13 pounds    181lb

For six weeks I have been tracking every calorie in or out. I started with verve and after two weeks expected that to wane like always but I stayed (run)strong. I found myself in the groove after five weeks but also that brought complacency. I had a wobble a week ago when I gorged on Hotel Chocolat (and drove to Dundee in my bare feet) which saw me wake up a pound heavier but recharged and refuelled. The next day I wasn’t hungry, ate well and my numbers during the day were back to my previous trend.

The good news is that I fit into my clothes for work which I needed for an in-person meeting mid-month which was my intermediate goal.  I have also discovered an amazing Portuguese cafe which does the best tartas de nata and special easter bread.

Even better news was the progress that this made to my fitness. Amazing what not carrying a 10kg fat suit can do to you. 

 WeightResting HRRunningVO2Cycling VO2
8 Feb92.9Kg514946
1 Mar87.5Kg455149
31 Mar82.0Kg445553
Progress, beautiful progress.
Total Distance942.96 km
Total Activity Time50:07:55 h:m:s
Activity Calories30,588 C
Big totals

Out of a total of 50hrs and 943km burning over 30000 calories (apparently);

I ran a total of 220Km, 128km more than Feb.

I rode 723km including a 4:45hrs ride compare to 319km in Feb.

I have not done any strength work. I really need to but struggle to care enough until it’s too late and I’m injured.

What changes have I noticed? I fit in more than one pair of trousers. I don’t feel as hungry but I have also felt the cold a lot more – more than when I have previously been slimmer. Note: I would never admit this in public (or to my wife) – put a jumper on!

I think my progress has started to slow. Maintaining energy with a high training load and a calorie deficit is getting harder. Remember consistency is king. Linear progression vs polynomial. I think the poly has a better fit so I am going to go easy on myself if I divert from the linear line.

What else have I been up to?

I was asked to ride in a team time trial and have now done four events with a mixed team of work colleagues. Really good fun being competitive together while developing teamwork and resilience towards a common goal. It is also nice to not be the leader and just ride with a group of talented and competitive riders. Motivates me to train in this world without races. I also rode in a short weekend race and found out I was stronger than I expected.

I also managed to ride 4:45 with 1600m of climb. Then on 25 March, a year and two days after the first UK lockdown, a year and a day after my first home ride on Zwift, I climbed over 50000m and was awarded the ‘Tron’ concept bike. 

There obviously hasn’t been any racing but I did manage to get out to do the club 5-mile XC time trial. From a recent threshold session, I guessed 7 min/mile would be a good pace to target. Sadly, I couldn’t get a run buddy as that would have spurred me on a bit more, competition is always good. I dug deep and finished in 34:31, well inside my goal pace.

I have now finished a project at work and off to a new job which will mean training will become even more important to keep me sane and unwind. I’ll keep working towards the London marathon. Seeing my performance in the XC 5-mile race makes me believe I can get some of my old form back. I loved watching the olympic marathon trials. What a celebration from Chris ‘Thommo10k’ Thompson!


<p>I have also started doing to self-education about computers learning about HTML, CSS, Python, and Networking. Really interesting. Remember; Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away!</p>


For April… it’d be nice to keep the numbers on the way down and the fitness on the up. I also need to get my game face on as I get ready to go back to work, starting with some weekly commuting (treat yourself).

A big welcome to the new followers – I obviously hit the SEO with my last post! Remember though:

I think we’ll see people starting to relax and explore the envelope. Cases are so low now so hopefully we can go and have fun. Third wave? We’ll see. Until then enjoy your government approved fun!

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