Fab Feb Flab Off

I’ve tried many times to get back to fitness. The lockdown makes planning a struggle. I like intermediate goals and with no ‘A’ race focus on or scare me into action, I lack the extrinsic motivation and I have been unable to generate enough intrinsic motivation to give a shit. I don’t normally delve into this level of detail but it’s useful to see what’s happening overall and avoid getting lost in calorie counting!

Look w/c 1st Feb. A beautiful month. It starts with a Monday so is a chance to start again and I lasted 3 days before becoming tired and bored. 

1-7 Feb 21

Monday30 min ride30 min run7.2km5.2km Ain’t92.9kg
Tuesday1hr 45 min ride36.8km no too
Wednesday52 min run9.2km one scared
Thursday   time  to
Friday   to look
Saturday   count at
Sunday1hr 52 min ride46.8km calories! scales
Totals5hr 10 min90.8km ride14.4km run 0.6kg loss

8-14 Feb 21

I tried again in the second week and finally decided enough was enough.

Monday33 min run5.2km  mmmmm
Tuesday1hr 15 min ride32.75km food
Wednesday can’t be  is
Thursday arsedbut   delicious
Friday needto    and
Saturday besoon!  tasty
Sunday40 min run6.1km  91.6kg
Totals2hr 15 min32.75km ride11.3km run 0.7kg loss

15-21 Feb 21

This week I got in touch with a coach and paid to feel guilty about not doing exercise (joke). I also have to fit in my work clothes in a few weeks so the diet started for real. I started on 16:8 IF with a 1500 Kcal target which was flexible with exercise calories added if needed. I watched as MyFatnessPal suggested crazy targets for 5 weeks’ time. 

Monday30 min ride12.3km204391.6kg
Tuesday2hrs ride w/ Ints39.8km1654Big poo
Wednesday30 min run 5.2km140090.3kg
Thursday40 min run10.7km145389.9kg
Friday30 min run7.5km162789.9kg
Saturday1hr ride26.7km153188.6kg
Sunday1hr trail run10.5km208888.6kg
Totals5hr 53min89.4km ride23.1km run1685 ave3kg loss(?)
Beautiful numbers

We take it up a notch in the final week.

22-28 Feb 21

Monday46 min run7.6km161688.9kg
Tuesday1hr 50 min ride37.8km141388.4kg
Wednesday58 min run11.3km176388.4kg
Thursday1hr ride /        30 min Strength25.7km163688.2kg
Friday55 min run10.8km 226588.1kg
Saturday1hr 55 min ride outdoor!42.5km231388.2kg
Sunday1hr 15 min run12.8km 214487.8kg
Totals9hr 14min106km ride42.5km run 18781.1kg loss
More numbers going up and down!

A highlight in the last week was riding my bike outdoors. I have ridden quite a bit every month over the last 12 months and that consistency translated into some good power outdoors. I was faster than my companion despite being a lot heavier. Even better was that the youngest has started riding his bike and has progressed to off road.

Most of the time I haven’t felt hungry. I just miss out breakfast which means I also don’t eat at 10am! Working from home in the kitchen is not the best way to stick to a diet. I haven’t starved myself, mainly cut out snacks and made sure it’s all logged so I know if I’m under or over. My original 1950 BMR against a 1500 calorie a day target means I should lose weight (and I am so far). A top tip is to weigh everything. I weighed my roast this evening!

Overall, for the month:

319km ride

92km run

0km swim

23hrs total logged

5.1kg lost (I admit the first days of this weight was birthday post roast bloat).

0 units

2 books finished but I have read a lot of blogs and listened to a lot of podcasts.

2 Sorted phone contracts

1 mortgage approved

I have also made good progress tidying and getting ready to deploy.

In the coaching group we also look at 5 wins for the week:

1. Riding 2hrs in the sun yesterday with company was far better than imagined.
2. No niggles or anything after two weeks of proper training. (Touches wood 🪵)
3. Weight loss continues. 5.1kg in Feb.
4. Found a new playground which has three huge (for a 5yo) hills which the boys needed no persuasion to climb and run down!
5. Did the Runstrong MOT. 

It is sometimes good to think about what three (or even one) thing do you need to do each week for it to be a success?

Where would I like to be this time next month?

  1. Another 5kg weight loss would be amazing.
  2. Ride a mixed gender TTT on a Thursday.
  3. Have a plan for April to visit family/countryside.

The great thing about non-leap year Februarys is:

Look w/c 1st Mar! A beautiful month. It starts with a Monday so is a chance to start again and I will last longer than 3 days.

Remember it’s only the internet. Be nice to people, remember rule 1. Don’t be a dick.

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