January 2021

January 2021

Lockdown was only announced at the start of this month. How crazy is that? After a botched approach to Christmas when the shoppers were allowed to go crazy after the November lockdown. Feels like this has gone on forever. 

And with the return of home-schooling or rather the invasion of teachers into our lives with their timetables and demands for parents saw the disappearance of my carefully crafted resolution plan to get a bit better every day.

So, while I haven’t done what I’d planned or got any numbers to compare against I can focus on what I have done and focus on what I and we can do rather than focus on the negative.

  1. Lost around 2Kg. Haven’t really been trying. That’s the next 10 weeks.
  2. Read lots of books:
    1. Psychovertical – Andy Kirkpatrick
    1. Downsizing – Tom Watson
    1. A boy in the Water – Tom Gregory
    1. The Last Thing to Burn – Will Dean
    1. Beyond Possible – Nimsdai Purja
    1. Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins
    1. Cold Oceans – Jon Turk
    1. Limitless – Jim Kwik
    1. Cold Wars – Andy Kirkpatrick

I think I’m pining for adventure given the heavy outdoor focus. Can’t wait to get comfortable being uncomfortable and callous my mind.

3. I have played quite a lot of guitar (at least 3 times a week for 30 min) with Simply Guitar and Fender Play app. I’m not Brian May but I’ve learnt more chords, got better at switching and pacing my strumming. This was one of the first casualties of lockdown as I couldn’t maintain my planned rhythm. My accuracy and speed need improvement and my fingering probably needs some one-to-one adjustment, as when I push on the strings my finger pads sometimes graze the next string.  

4. We saw something like 13 houses and put an offer in which has been accepted. Fingers crossed it all goes through without a hitch.

5. Run 114Km

6. Cycle 145Km

7. Unsubscribed from almost every email that arrived in my inbox over the past few weeks. Overwhelm reduced.

8. Unfollowed around 50% of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Mainly focused on companies. It’s the same adverts pumped out on each platform. Yawn and easy to navigate. Overwhelm reduced.

9. Got offered a fantastic new role which should be exciting as long as everyone obeys rule one (don’t be a dick). I will need to go from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence pretty quickly.

10. Dry January completed. Still got crates of Brewdog AF around the house so guess I’ll be doing dry February too!

11. Had lots of fun messing around in the snow.

So, for a month which has seemed pretty messed up, has lacked routine and focus I don’t think it’s been a complete disaster. 

February – WWGD? What Would Goggins Do?


  1. Move body 

C. 30 min activity daily  

B. 60 min activity daily

A. 90 min activity daily

2. Lose weight through: 

a. Log calories and weigh in daily

b. Vegan Monday

c. No poor food choices/snacks

d. Dry February

3. Tidy a room a week

4. Service Car

5. Read a book a week

6. I’m tempted to camp in the garden just to suffer for a night especially as we can’t go anywhere.


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