May already

On the 6th week of lockdown… plan is a basis for change

Summary of weeks 1-5

Week Run Ride Weight
23 – 29 March 0 56.2mi / 3hr 38min
30 March – 5 April 0 158mi / 11hr
6 – 12 April 6.2mi / 1hr 115mi / 6hr 47min
13 – 19 April 7.5mi / 1hr 123mi / 7hr 7min
20 – 26 April 21 / 2hr 54min 98mi / 6hr

Exercise: Week 2, 19 Weeks to go

27 11Km easy ride Tour of Tewit Well AM / Easy 6Km trail run Weight 86.3Kg

28 1hr Threshold session with RNTri 

29 Easy 25min round the Hilly Route to tick it off 10Km 85.9Kg

30 Short Sweet Spot training 25Km at 200/180W 5min on/off x4 85.3Kg


1 17KM Easy

2 25 laps of the Volcano (5, 10, 25 and 100Km badges) 105Km 3hrs 3min.

3 Run 7Km Hide and Seek on Fetcheveryone

Total 8hrs 

End of the Month: April

Swim: Nope

Ride:  498mi / 31:23

Run:   42mi / 6hrs

XT:     47 min – 2x sessions.

Rest days 2

Weight lost: 3kg now 85.3kg… (86 on Zwift!)

Second biggest cycle month ever.

Monday I did an easy double day to burn off the roast.  On Tuesday I managed to join the RN Tri threshold session.  Zwift Top Tip: Top tip for group rides – pick a world that isn’t the main area. We had Innsbruck to ourselves. Clear chat and few people to mix up with.

Wednesday another easy ride before Thursday’s Sweet Spot workout after I failed to join a ride – 7:00 came and went so I just rode off.  I wasn’t connected to group.  Was a tough session and I felt tired so I lowered the intensity to 91% around 200/180W off an FTP 227.  Was set at 220/200 for 5 min on/off time 4 (40 min total work)!  

Friday was another easy day as I took on the Volcano on Saturday.  25 laps, 105Km in 3hrs.  Lots of XP and wasn’t as hard as I thought.  On Sunday, I’m tired.  Did a 40 min run this AM and then rolled into an unplanned allotment session.  Went for walk with kids – walked past allotment and  thought we’d have a look at ours which we are just taking over and ended up doing an hours weeding and digging.  Planned on roasting a rack of lamb which I sort of did but the oven tripped and hasn’t come back so finished in a pan.  Still got a top oven/grill so hopefully we’ll survive without resorting to a raw paleo diet!


Weight: Thought I should try My Fitness Pal this week – I normally last half a day!  I lasted a single day instead!  I started the week at 86.3 which appears to be no change but actually this is the day after roast Sunday – when I’m normally heaviest.  I think I was probably 88.5Kg last week but that doesn’t get report on the socials as it’s not good news!  I must be on the right track – I’ve had compliments from two people for my efforts.  Wednesday saw me dip below 86 for the first time albeit post poo and ride.

Drink:  Tried this for the first time.


Book: Free Country by George Manhood (still)

A recommended book list from twitter.

Another random book list:

Website: I organised my bookmarks!  Next up photos!

Video: Big balls and ground falls – UK grit climbing video.  

Chess: I’ve been playing in the 4 Nations Chess League every Tuesday recently.  I won two and lost one of my recent games.  This week I lost again…

Game: Made and played the Lego Harry Potter game which is fun if quite hard to understand the instructions.



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