O-rain-teering – Ashridge

Treating you lucky people this week with another blog.  Or at least treating my MacBook.  Busy week at work and a failure to do morning sessions meant I had to tough out evening sessions which are not my preference.  Tuesday’s intervals were late and felt sluggish as my load has been fairly high – trust the process.  Wednesday I decided to pop down to the club for the club run.  It was quite an uneven pace with road crossings.  I will join the trail team next week I think and there’s a talk on from the clubs Commonwealth athlete.  Helped me get it done.  My left hamstring was starting to feel tight behind my knee so I took it easy.  Getting back late from work on Thursday and feeling like I needed to rest I didn’t do the bike session.  Friday was a 1500m swim which had some sprints.  I still don’t enjoy swimming but it’s good aerobic exercise but I can’t judge my pace.  I hit the gym for my circuit on Friday PM.  Note to self: the dreadmill goes up to 18%.  On Saturday I left my run until the evening while Andrew was on a Cub activity night in the woods.  Hill reps in the rain.  Great training, still warm though so wasn’t too tough to get out the door but it was dark and raining.  Sunday, another orienteering event.  I DNF’d at Ashridge last year, I was tired and borderline ill (post-OMM I think). IMG_7134

Today went much better – my fear of spider-like path junctions is almost conquered.  I slowed down and it went better.  I had a good second half.  Still made mistakes but also made progress.  I could have saved time wearing a cap – it rained far more than I expected which as a bespectacled gent means I was basically running half blind!  I mean once I was 10m away from a kite and staring at it and couldn’t see it!  Some interesting inny contours (looks like a hill but is actually a bowl! I taped laces and wore the iNov8 gaiters but maybe I should have tightened laces a bit more.  Onwards to the OMM!


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