90 days to go. Endurance Training Block.

E406CAF1-B4B8-4C1A-A2B8-7A18DDC12D95I’ve never used the Garmin IQ widgets; I’m very much an oem kind of guy. I’ve been restless trying to get back to basics; I’m sure training was easier when I started.  I remember in 2013 multi-sport training in all weathers for the Outlaw without issues. I love(d) the polar training platform and fitness tests but can’t justify the beautiful Vantage V Titan at the moment.  So I’ve gone into Garmin connect and found a triathlon training programme, dug out an unused heart rate monitor after my second hrm run perished, and installed a widget!  Like getting a new watch and new motivation. It should help me avoid injury on the way to my next A race.  90 days to go.


I managed a run during the week and did my 50th Parkrun this week in the rain.  20:25.

Today I got out on my bike to a local bike themed cafe in Uxbridge – took some finding as HS2 had closed the direct route.  It was nice to get out – 32Km, 20 miles in 80 min.


Mon 29. REST?
Tue 30. Swim (?)
Wed 31. Easy run
Thu 1. Ride
Fri 2. Swim (?)
Sat 3. Very early start
Sun 4. I’ve entered a 50Km – not sure if I’m doing it or not
Mon 5. Wild swim?
Tue 6. Rest/fun jog
Wed 7. Rest/fun jog
Thu 8. Rest/fun jog
Fri 9. Rest/fun jog
Sat 10. 9Km fellrace
Sun 11. Hire bike
Mon 12. Hire bike
Tue 13. Hire bike long
Wed 14. Hire bike short
Thu 15. Rest
Fri 16. Run trail?
Sat 17. Run trail?
Sun 18. Run trail?




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