JK Orienteering – Week 8

I haven’t too much to blog about this week as it’s been a lighter week.  My legs were heavy and I was tired after the Llangollen fell race. I ran easy for 30 min on Tue and did a longer 12.5 miles off road on Thu before the JK at the weekend.  My legs were a lot faster than my brain and I made too many mistakes.  Still I got plenty of distance exploring more of the map than the planner intended.  My strength didn’t wane much on the long course which I remember wheezing round last year.  

Week 8: 15 – 21 Apr 19
Mileage: 31.4 miles
Ascent: 822 m
Rest: Mon, Wed, Fri
Weight: 78.9kg


An average performance individually and I was gutted that we finished 4th in today’s relays by 4 seconds.  I have mellowed since looking at the results as I was very disappointed by my errors. (I went to 13 when I was going to 10?!).  I finished 5th on my leg and gained a position so I don’t need to beat myself up too much. The young lady who was ahead of me on the run in and didn’t get closer despite my sprint is in the GB talent squad – I can’t be disappointed at that.  Yes, I made mistakes but my Km splits were 6:01 per km! That’s a lot faster than my long course average. 


Looking at the positives, the weather was fantastic and it was an awesome family atmosphere. Tents, banners and sport in the outdoors.  Lovely.  The boys loved following their route and then tried their hand at the string course. They both got course victories in their age groups following the string.   

It is a great sport for all the family.  Check out https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/event to find your nearest event.


4 weeks to go…

Week Focus Race? Risks
1 – 7 Apr 19 30+ miles Easy No Last week of work
8 – 14 Apr 19 Week in Wales Llangollen Fell Race (14th) Injury
15 – 21 Apr 19 Long and easy with hills then Jk JK Orienteering 

21 – 22 Apr 19

22 – 28 Apr 19 Recovery then 2x long Three Peaks Fell Race Back to work
29 Apr – 6 May 19 GL3D last hard week! GL3D 4 – 6 May 19

While this year has seen blazing sun, the emit system has not covered itself in glory. Late results, a slow website, no split times errors from mispunching, open starts have all contributed to a less than ideal experience.  When BOF needs to retain its younger athletes alongside the lure of more technologically adept sports poor implementation by emit will not help.  The fun is comparing splits and routes. The emit system doesn’t ignore controls on your course and creates a random split making comparison difficult.  Route gadget, winsplit, splitsbrowser options are currently not available as there have been so many issues.  


None of that excuses my poor navigation of course! 

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