November Rain

Just getting some words uploaded!

Since the OMM I feel like I’ve done some good training and chosen to become more mentally resilient.  It is very easy to not focus on getting better each day and making every workout, meal or decision count.  They all add up.  I felt bloated after the OMM and couldn’t work out why, I mean sure I can eat an entire packet of McVities dark chocolate thins in a night but that shouldn’t mean I gain weight, right?  They’re only wafa thin (about 700cal a packet)!

In the week after the OMM, I started by going for a bike ride on the Fri, only 10 miles but it made me realise I have good kit and it’s not that cold once you’re out.  I was devastated by how much slower I was than in the summer.  I went rock climbing at rock up which was a cool place and you get a good work out in the hour session.  DS1 loved it – they have no fear and it was me not wanting to let go and trust the auto belay while he was jumping off!  On Sat I toughed out a slow 20m 20s parkrun with my belly fully out for 3rd place.  It was still an improvement on just before the OMM though which is good.

Last week, I had a mad day at work on Mon before a trip away Tue to Fri (although I arrived home at 0015 Sat AM) meant I had to make a real effort all week, and I did, getting out of bed early on both Wed and Thu mornings for a plod around town.  I was coming down with a cold and cough but I battled through.

Saturday was a real adventure.  Night orienteering in torrential rain.  Proper type 2 fun.  It was great.  I’m reading Richard Askwith’s ‘sequel’ to feet in the clouds which is essentially a moan at the corporate running machine ‘Big Running’ – perhaps for good reason.  So it was great to do an event for £6 in the mud and rain and just enjoy the outdoors, the lack of safety and take a risk.  I retired after an hour and didn’t fancy another hour looking for orange and white kites.

On Sunday after Remembrance Day I headed to run the SEOA Champs in the sun.

I narrowly lost to Tom Rafferty.  I lost it at control 12 – we were quite even apart from my 4 min error.  I got lazy and took a chance rather than getting to the obvious attack point.  It was a nice 90min run getting me over 3hrs for the week.  I got a medal and drove home arriving before dark.

This week I nursed my cough out of my system by throwing Waitrose essential cough syrup down my throat.  I ran easy around the block on Wed and Thu and wanted to ride on Fri PM and go night orienteering on Sat PM but life conspired against me and I had more important things to deal with.  I rested on Fri and just ran more quickly on Sat PM to get some training in.  On Sun I did a lovely trail run in the cold sun to get over 3hrs for the week.  All capped off by watching England win against Croatia at Wembley.

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