Reconnoitre. Time Spent, seldom wasted.

Despite picking up a random cough by the end of the week and working a lot I’ve actually had a good week training and pretty much hit my training targets for the week.

On Monday I followed up the 10K race with a very slow plod/jog (8:30m/m) around the block for just over half hour in the AM and cycled 10 miles in the evening.  I could feel that my body temperature was high and I was perilously close to being ill.  Luckily I survived (joke). Tuesday, not wanting to risk illness or injury, I jogged round the block.

Salad king in the small ring
Salad king in the small ring – bossing the avo/grapefuit combo.

On Wednesday I finished work and headed into the woods for a hills session.  The longest hill has about 50m of height change and takes 3:20-3:50 to complete.  An excellent session for building threshold and hills endurance.  I did 5 reps which I could probably increase next time as I wasted time after the first set trying to work out the best way down – what goes up, must come down! Same way down as up was best.  I read in Jonny Muir’s book that he’d do reps up a 25m hill so I should count myself as very fortunate!  It felt so good to be back on the training.  I even foam rolled afterwards.

Thursday was a rest day, not wanting to overdo it.  I ate quite well most of the week.  Friday was a bit of a cheat day and I felt like crap for doing it.  11 weeks to go and those hills are going to be a lot harder carrying these kilos!

As I said Friday was a cheat day but at least I got a plod around the block in.  I ate a salad lunch most of the week using up some yellow pastry salty picnic snacks but overall my diet was good.  On Friday I had loads of chips for lunch and they were amazing!  I got hungry in the evening so smashed in a sandwich chaser after my pasta.

Salming - fast and bright! (And Swedish)
Salming – fast and bright! (And Swedish)

So having written up to the last line on Saturday AM pre-Parkrun it was an enormous shock to run a course best in the heat at South Oxhey in 18:55.  I had company up the first hill but they soon fell away and finished over a minute behind.  He was a strong all round type who looked like Chuck Norris so he was probably surprised to see a fat dad bod wheezing and panting up the hill and then disappear out of sight.  We were 3:37 Km pace for the first Km so I was especially surprised when he pushed the pace.  I was able to do another Km at that pace before falling off the pace.  It was enough though.  I ran in Salming Speed 6 shiny shoes, Swedish but thankfully that was all they’d win on Saturday as England strolled to a 2-0 victory in the World Cup quarter final.

Trig Point field
Trig Point field

On Sunday we headed out to Wendover Woods.  The playground is still being built but the kids enjoyed the Gruffalo trail and old fort.  I enjoyed a recce of the WW50 route.  The course (5 x 10 mile loops with 10000ft climb) has been likened to the Barkley Marathon, but shorter.  Some of the hills are brutal.  There is a descent under overhead cables which is very similar to the Testicle Spectacle except on a British scale!

Testicle Spectacle
Note the arrow on the tree to the left.

Thankfully it was dry today but I know November will be very different and I may need an ice axe and crampons to get up some of the slopes.  Poles definitely would have helped.  I got to run with butterflies in a beautiful wood so worth the experience.  The GPX was easy to follow although I missed a couple of turns.  Luckily it will be marked so should be easier and I hope to do a couple more loops before then.  Time spent and all that.  I managed around 1:40 for my loop…

It looks easy when it's a cartoon!
It looks easy when it’s a cartoon!

Scores on the doors:

Days active:6
Activities: 7
Parkrun: 18:55, 1st and Course Best.
Session: Hills 5x 3:37 (50m ascent)
Total Miles: Running 37; Cycling 11;
Total Time: Running 5hr 12min; Cycling 40min
Ascent: 3822ft (1164m)

So that’s a good start… 11 weeks to Snowdon 50.




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