Inspired by other bloggers I’ve decided to resurrect my bloggage to track my progress. It’s not through any reason to feel as if I’m contributing to the literary output of the world but it keeps me honest to myself. I have no coach, no one to hold me to account except myself and I am pretty good at “marking my own homework” pats self on back for a job well done. It also has nothing to do with the start of a new year but it does have everything to do with my own goals for next year; the foundations for which have already been laid. I’m typing this on the 2nd anniversary of our arrival in Australia. It’s been a fun, if tough two years, both professionally and personally. I don’t regret coming here for a couple of years but we’re looking forward to returning to blighty. The line in the sand. Self-reflection and self-pity. I’m the fastest fat man I know! Insert picture of 23 Dec Parkrun At 83Kg with a BMI of 26.5 my inexplicably fast legs carry my expanded middle-aged middle around faster than most would think possible. I was 89Kg back in October so some good progress has been made. My weekly mileage is up to 33 mpw although I’ve been working in kilometres – does that make it kilometrage? Spell check thinks so! I’ve run 9 miles in one go until today when 11 miles was completed easily. Where am I going? Apart from the physical return to the UK my initial ‘A’ race is the London Marathon 2018. 17 Weeks to go. I’ll follow a 12 week plan from P&D (Pfitzinger and Douglas’ Advanced Marathoning). Apart from aiming for sub 3 I’m going to delay any predictions for London until closer to the time. Intermediate goals will help me track progress and gauge fitness toward the main event. Weight – I want to get my weight below 75 as soon as possible and ideally before the 12 week plan starts. Less weight = free speed. I have a plan to get my weight down by following a whole food, plant based diet. Speed – A good marker for speed is the 5k and through the Parkrun series there are weekly, free time trials all around the world. Based on past experience I will need to get my 5K time below 18:30 at a minimum to have the speed to perform at London. Speed increases as weight decreases. Distance – Long runs not only help to lose weight but obviously are the main ingredient for marathon running success. An arbitrary rule for success which is quoted is 5 x 20 mile runs in final 12 weeks. The P&D plan only has 2 in the 12 week plans. I found being able to comfortably run over 20 miles in training really helps in the final stages of the marathon race day. The other part of distance is training load – it’s no good only doing a long run although there’s many 3 day a week programmes and many athletes who have run great times off limited running but they usually have a great aerobic base from other endurance sports, notably cycling. I have a plan to hopefully increase my weekly mileage with the aspiration of following a higher mileage plan from P&D but with 2 weeks in Vietnam over the next month dedication, luck and common sense will play a part. This week was quite a good week with some good base mileage at fairly slow speed in warm to hot conditions. Long run was 18km (11mi). Parkrun 19:07 and 1st place. Weight 81.5kg post long run.

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