Perth Metropolitan Club Championships Round 1

img_6502I didn’t feel like playing Chess this evening, feeling tired after work but I dragged myself along to the first round of the Perth Metro Chess Club tournament. I faced a 9 year old who I have since discovered had won a few local titles, unrated but has beaten 1700+ pt players before. 


In the end a pair of silly mistakes cost me dearly. His confidence was belittling as he lounged in his chair and walked around the other boards, it was clear my slow unimaginative play – always in retreat, scared to attack – was clearly boring him! He knew what to do with the clock which I gave up on near the end after my errors.


He opened with Queen’s Gambit Declined: Chigorin variation, I know I didn’t know it by name but it’s fairly basic development towards move 10 so I blagged it! I was donated a Knight at 13 but only 6 moves later retreating I allowed him to restore parity, taking my knight via a pin on my Q and then I chose the wrong escape route exchange to allow a computed forced mate in 12. 


I was quite confident when he opened with QGD as I’d played a solid losing game on Tue to a 1714 rated player. Unfortunately, despite being a piece up I failed to be aggressive enough or commit which is not my usual style. Anyway it was an enjoyable and I look forward to my next flogging!  I am sure he will go far as he has a lot of talent! 


A positive: every good thought I had in the game was in the post game analysis so it appears the ideas are there I just need to pick the right one.


This seems appropriate:


If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster 

And treat those two impostors just the same;   


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