Just for fun!

As the enormity of attempting the Rapha Festive 500 here in Spain sinks in I look back at my holiday/training camp goals.


1. Lose 2kg… 3 Jan weigh <73kg.
2. Race 28/12 & 30/12 of 7k/4.5k.
3. Rapha 500 – ride long.

On Christmas Day I enjoyed a 45 mile hilly ride with a Cat 1 climb over 3hrs around the Alpujarra and surrounding hills. The smoke from the chimneys of Orgiva hung in the air as I descended into the town. Since 1 Jul 2007 and the smoking ban smoke has become a strange smell in the UK with wood fires very uncommon now. But here a simpler, old fashioned way prevails and it hasn’t really changed since South from Granada detailed this world.

Although I ride with GPS and Phone in pocket this part of Spain and Andalucia is very traditional. You still have WiFi in every bar though so don’t panic too much!


Driving over Lemons by Chris Stewart is a more modern portrait of the area but both show how different things are. One change though is the road network. Supported by EU grants and woefully underused it is a cyclists paradise. Cyclist magazine and Vamos Cycling tours based further east commented on this in an article last year.

Climbing the 8 mile long Cat 1 climb the road does get worse and the descent is almost pavé but my legs were screaming too much to notice!

Seeing P.M. for Puerto Montana was a relief!


Yesterday’s 25mile ride wasn’t even fun. It’s meant to be so today I’m having a day off. I may run later though to shake the legs out before tomorrow’s race.

While I don’t expect a PB (although at 7.1k it will be as I’ve never run that distance) I’d like to run well so will prioritise this. Rapha 500 success will need 150k over 2-3 rides here 28PM, 29 and 30 before a 100 mile epic 31 PM on the flat at sea level at home into the night! It isn’t meant to be easy!

I have not been near scales but I guess I must be losing weight. I hope it makes a difference!



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