Breakfast in Granada

Rapha Festive 500 –

A hyped up but superb piece of marketing. For me, I’m sold. I’m trying to lose a few Kilos and why not use this 500k Twixmas challenge as a base.

It won’t be as cold as some but my legs are not bike fit and the hills are high and long but I have time and an old orbea so we’ll see how we go.

Today’s ride from El Valle de Lecrin, the sun drenched orange and lemon rich hills near the Alpujarra, South from Granada, took the old ‘national’ road N-323 all the way to the county town. I recommend Pilar del Toro. There I enjoyed a breakfast of jamon, tomato and oil on toast with a cafe and Nestea at an amazing price before returning by the same route.


The return was much easier with shallower slopes and 100m less climbing. A highlight was the Puerto Suspiro del Moro at 865m compared to Portsmouth at sea level I am gasping for Oxygen!


Top tips for cycling here:
1. Have lots of gears. The hills are longer than the UK. Spin, spin, spin and when it gets easy or flat don’t get excited, the week is long and your legs won’t thank you!
2. Have lots of gear. Layers. Yes, a sunny 13 deg feels like 20 but when the slopes or the city’s buildings plunge you into the freezing sombra the extra gloves, arm/leg warmers, gilet and the like make the experience enjoyable without having to stop with every eclipse.
3. Look up. Enjoy the scenery or you may as well be on a turbo!


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