The Spain Train

In Spain for Christmas. I’ve set my bike up although my HRM is playing silly games. Not to worry, with 7 gears there’s not much I can do 40×25 is not the easiest way to climb hills.


Yesterday I rode 20k on flat tyres AM which was hard work so I bought a better pump and new tubes. It is cold in the mornings 3-4 deg with the hills casting a shadow over the valley but climbing out the valley soon gets the blood flowing. In the evening I did 4 miles at a fair lick, 5 street lamp laps of the village up and down 5% streets.

Today 30k on solid tyres was easier even if my legs were screaming during my run later (another 4 lumpy miles).


Tomorrow I start the @rapha #festive500 which I may not finish but I hope to try and at least in trying I may achieve one of my goals for this period.

1. Lose 2kg… 3 Jan weigh <73kg.
2. Race 28/12 & 30/12 of 7k/4.5k.
3. Rapha 500 – ride long.

On my return I have 1 Jan Southsea Parkrun and 3 Jan Hants XC where I want to get in the top 50.

This should set me up for a super 2015!

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