The highs and lows of marathon training – 7 Feb 14

After just over a month of marathon training (of a 14 week programme) I have been through some highs and lows already.

A PB at Stubbington 10k being the zenith of this marathon training block.  I ran 35:26 in a strong, focused effort in perfect conditions.

A hard track session followed on Tue and a local race which I ran at 6 min/mile.  It was too much for me though.  During Thu session I couldn’t maintain and  had to finish in a plod.  Through Fri and into Sat my tonsils swelled and my temperature reached 40 deg.  I had even googled NHS Direct which meant it must have been serious!  On Mon I was prescribed antibiotics and a week off from running.

I should have been rested after a week off but my resting heart rate has been high (55+) and there was no speed so when I came to my important XC race my speed wasn’t there and I struggled in the mud and wind to finish 12th overall and will probably have dodged a bullet and avoided selection to the next race so I can recover properly and put down some decent marathon miles.

As a positive today’s double started at a sluggish 8:21 m/m but by this PM I managed 6:41 m/m downwind for some and sheltered for the rest but at a much better HR.  This weekend should see me reach nearly 20 miles and almost 60 miles for the week.  If I can keep this up through next weeks intro to doubles (4 days) and closer to 70 miles then I am confident of a good performance in London.



It is hard to remember how much energy you regain during the taper.  Right now the thought of 26.2 miles is terrifying.  But I have gone sub 3  twice before off a lot less mileage.  I have natural endurance (I guess) so I just need to believe and keep training.  There is still some way to go but not as much as you’d think.  In 5 weeks I will be racing a half marathon for a PB as a stepping stone to London.  Too few are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to run fast and I am by no means fast (as I don’t make enough sacrifices) but it will be hard, tough and you just need to persevere to get that reward.
It was my birthday so i am getting 2 pairs of Sonic Boost which i’m dubbing Sonic Boom (former Sega Mega Drive 2 users will understand).  How-du-ken!

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