Hampshire Cross Country Championships 2014

A good start to the year.  After maintaining 75.5 kg over Christmas and blasting out 45 mpw the first week of 2014 was ended on a 


high with 31st place in the senior male category of the Hants XC Champs.  Tough and muddy i had fun.  Brooks Mach 13 speed dragons with 15mm spikes were more than adequate for the conditions.  They were light and fast.  Three local competitors of Parkrun who normally trounce me over 5k finished comfortably behind me.  

Although I have only done 31 miles this week that was deliberate after 4 weeks of new training level (40-50mpw) I didn’t want to risk injury by pushing it.  Tomorrow makes the start of the marathon training programme.  14 weeks to go (12 hard, 2 taper).  5kgs to lose. No problem.  It’s all mental.  Get your head around the problem and there is no problem.  


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  1. […] Remember this!  (Photo right).  It looked like today was going to be a pleasant day.  And then the rain started… what a great line fitting of any novel;  She was all dolled up ready for her date… and then the rain started!  Playing to my strengths as a marathoner it allows me to run strong rather than fast like some racing snakes.  Interestingly I drafted this last night and this is what played out.  39th place (results) in a very similar time (strava) in very similar conditions.  I love cross country, it’s just a great excuse to get muddy and run hard; back to basics. […]

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