2014 – The Goals

After achieving so much last year including an Ironman and PBs at 5k & 10k, HM and Marathon this year promises to be the difficult second album.  I thoroughly recommend Charlie Spedding’s book http://www.amazon.co.uk/From-Last-First-long-distance-runners/dp/1845136284 although I am yet to finish it.  It is motivating, inspiring and show what can be achieved on any given day.

This year is about focus.  I have 4 weeks of quality training (50,44, 44, 44 mpw) including 2 sessions per week on the track something I have never done.  Charlie Spedding asks “What do I want?”, “Why do I want it?” & “How much do I want it?”.

So… what do I want?  Sub 2:45 and top 6 Royal Navy at Virgin London Marathon.

Why?  That is the springboard to the future, to faster times, to explore my potential and to further races.

How much do I want it?  Personally and physically, totally I will be giving it my all but with the caveat of “family first”.

I am not going to procrastinate beyond that as London could be  game changer.  I have a place for Berlin in September so will be focused on that during the summer.

I also need to lose 5kgs to be competitive.  That weight loss plan starts tomorrow, tomorrow Mon 6 Jan 14.  #bringiton

Have a think about your goals… What, Why and how much?

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