Garmin Forerunner 620

Well I’ve taken the plunge. What an amazing piece of kit. So what do things do?

Is the definitive page and review for this watch. Whilst his reviews are very thorough they perhaps lack the wow! Look at this factor being very objective. This is a subjective look given that I spent £360 sheets on it!

As a running watch it is very complete. It does everything that previous have done. And it’s in colour!

3 cool new graphs! Ground contact time in milliseconds (accuracy?), cadence and vertical oscillation. They do what they say will they be of use. We’ll see!

Recovery advisor – 6 min into run it gives an assessment of readiness for training as “good”, “fair”, “poor”. After it gives recovery time to next hard session in hours.

The VO2 max is quite accurate giving mine to within 1 min off an easy short run. Not bad! It then shows potential race times for VO2 max.

Any questions? Please ask and I’ll try to answer!

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