Training for a Sub 3 Marathon

chart_rollingmileage_condensedchart_weeklymileage_condensedThese are my mileage graphs.  The left one shows total weekly mileage.  The right rolling mileage.

I ran 2:55 at the London Marathon last week.  Not bad eh?

This is also why I didn’t run any faster.  Averaging 30 miles per week or less is the reason I didn’t go faster.  Below is a graph of average mileage for 2:45 runners.


After the Outlaw I will concentrate on running, increasing my mileage towards and beyond 50 miles per week.  Running to and from work will get me most of those miles and so it will just be a redistribution of training from cycling/swimming to running.  Why? Well i’m rubbish at swimming  (technique and I don’t fancy 10000 hrs to get good!) cycling is very expensive.  No one wins races on their commuting bike!  Well we’ll see.  Running has always been what I’ve been better at so i’ll give it a go at high intensity for a couple of years.

Looking at the rest of the year I will aim to focus on a sub 1:15 in November but before I can concentrate on running I need to focus on training to be able to cycle 112 miles at the Outlaw ironman triathlon.

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