Mysteries of the long run (and worries)

Firstly a big congratulations to all at Paris with special mention for Si H who got sub 3 for the first time and is now recovering for London. Image

I went for a long (16 mile run on Staurday).  Weather was sunny and quite warm.  I wore tights and tee with my Montane Marathon jacket over the top gloves and a cap.  Very overdressed.

Matching the HR with the Strava speed data above… at 31 min my HR was 169??? This is comparable to my race HR at Stafford (5:59 ave m/miles for Half Marathon).  Now yes, from Strava I was obviously pushing on a little but this should have been well within my limits.  I don’t believe there is any physiological reason (not ill, overtraining unlikely with only a slight hamstring twinge) for this so can only conclude it is the result of:

1. Running later in the day – tired
2. I took a GU gel (w/caffeine) 15 min before
3. It was hot and I overdressed

If this HR data is not a blip the marathon is going to be a struggle and Sub 3 almost certainly out of reach.  My run yesterday had positive HR data (last 1.5 miles @ increased pace) for similar paces.


Oh and now it’s raining… the weekend downpour is happening now? Why can’t they get t right? Useless beyond belief.  I don’t TT in the rain.  I will race tomorrow though!  May get some points… keep warmer by going faster! 


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