2nd Place – A victory for me!


All the hard work has been worth it.  I finished 1st from my work, 2nd overall (by 2 secs) and was making the pace from Km 3-7 showing I am in good form.  It was the Eastern Region XC Championships.  The 5.37 mile course was frozen in places but I managed 31:52 with an average of 5:54mm.  I got a medal, the cheapest known to m

an, but I am very proud of my achievement and my medal holder is now on the wall of the living room.



This was a useful exercise in confidence. 5:54 over that muddy and icy course means I could probably go a little faster on a decent course.  I now have another race 30 Jan representing the region and we’ll see how I get on.

I have started running to and from work to increase my running mileage with VLM looming large over the horizon.  I can’t believe how close the Portsmouth Coastal Half is already (17 Feb).  I did 18 miles on the treadmill yesterday as my opportunities to run over the weekend are limited with my wife’s work patterns.  I felt tired yesterday but got a protein shake in me within 20 min and ate and stretched straight away.  Today I feel like I could go out for a quick hour or so.

I now wonder where I can get that 1% over opponents.  So, I am going to focus on overcoming my central governor and looking at the Chimp Paradox theory by Steve Peters.

In summary, I am on track with everything to play for.




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