Wheaton Aston 10km – 27 Dec 2012


This is a useful Time Trial coming just after Christmas and just before most Virgin London Marathon training plans start in earnest meaning the result can be used to predict performance and training speeds.  I have previously run this race in 2008 an 2011.

You will no doubt remember that I wrote about the 2011 race in June 2012 (previous post – bit late I know) and I made some predictions post my 38:36 at Stone 10k.  Well I finished in 37:22.  My Mum’s Garmin had me through 6.2km in 37:09 which beats my all time best of 37:12.  My previous best of 37:49 at Wheaton Aston in Dec ’08 was beaten so I am happy with my shape and this is with London Marathon training to go (and the small matter of Ironman Training).  It is quite fast and i used to say flat but since moving to Portsmouth it felt undulating at least!

It was very wet though. as should be visible from the photos!  I ran with Gareth Little (bottom left) until 6km when he was able to increase his leg turnover downhill and pull away.  Had I been able to keep up there I probably would have been able to keep the pace as the gap didn’t open significantly until the last Km and I cannot honestly say that I had dug especially deep.  It is only a training race though and I got what I needed out of it and will be looking forward to 2013 now with the positive experience of this.  I am also going to count this as a swim session!



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