Wheaton Aston 10km

This was the second time I had raced this. The last time was 2008 when I posted 37:47. This attempt followed an intense 6 week period with no training. I was not particularly fit but considered sub-40 to be a reasonable goal. I was up against my brother, head to head for the first time. He was the favourite but by how much was the question. Warmer than previous years we collected our numbers and Encarni got in the coffee queue. I got us near the front, If we’re going to finish in the top 10% we need to start in the top 10%. I went off quick but not too quick. I soon pulled out a lead over Ryan having used my usual tactic of running as fast as I can for as long as I can. I kept going fairly strongly for the whole race passing people and maintaining position fairly comfortably. At 4 miles Ryan caught me. I had seen him 15 seconds or so behind me for a while. I stayed with him and dug deep. My pace was good for sub-40. It is always tough to judge with mile rather than Km markers. 10km is actually 6.2miles. The 0.2miles alwaystakes longer than it appears it should. Ryan started to pull away in the last mile but I kept in touch to finish less than 10 seconds down and inside my goal time (just). I got a 39:59 for my efforts. After the race we went to Spain to spend time with the family. I did some good bike training and read some interesting articles by Frank Horwill via the Serpentine RC website. This sowed a seed that to fast you need to be light or at least low % body fat. I think I must have weighed about 80-82kg for this race. Food for thought.

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