St Mawes Triathlon 2011

My first Triathlon. 25 Sep 11. I thought I’d sent this blog a long time ago but obviously not. Well, I did it. It wasn’t pretty but I finished near the middle of the pack which was a good result for my first go. Swimming needs a lot of work. Open water with the waves washing over my head. Writing now having bought a proper Speedo wetsuit I understand that my 15 quid Tesco job was probably acting like a drogue and slowing me down. I exited the water last. I don’t mean nearly last, I was the last person out the water. Surrounded my fat women I quickly ran up the bank to transition and cross the timing mat not last. #musttriharder I was quick in transition (helped by my wetsuit being too big and thus easy to remove). I put loads of talc on, grabbed my bike and went to mount on the hill up from the castle. Despite having thought about which gear I wanted for the hill pre race I could barely turn the peddles and had to dismount and change gear by hand before beginning again. The climb out is a 1km slope of about 8-12%. There was a warning sign if I remember correctly. The rain stayed off but it was quite muddy out on some of the more rural parts of the course. The really enjoyable part was being so far behind there was no pressure and the people I overtook were real beginners (not runners or cyclists coming to tri). I passed several Mountain bikes and other “good swimmers” quickly and I remember enjoying it. It was Cornwall hilly so nothing new and I came back to transition after a lovely fast blast through St Mawes town centre. The run was hard work. It started with a cross country hill that went on and on. I was still overtaking people but pretty sure I had to walk on this bit. The rest was downhill and more “fun”. I was glad to finish and felt a real sense of achievement (I had been going for the same time as it takes to do a half marathon – but it feels longer).
115 out of 176
Swim 23:57
Bike 57:12
Run 25:03
Total 1:48:44
Will I do another? Yes. But I’d like to be well prepared next time. I need to work on my Swimming (a lot) and get better on the bike.

Written 17 Jun. Facts my be distorted due to time. What I do remember is great support from Encarni and Andrew and the best Ice Cream on the terrace of the really posh hotel which we chose. They had won conde-nast traveller awards and I the ice cream didn’t have a price (must be free then?) and we were a little nervous when the bill came!


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