3 weeks to go!

It’s now 3 weeks to go. After the disappointment of the Totnes 10km I can be delighted with the Torbay Regatta 10km just 2 weeks later. I didn’t set of too quick, stayed with a very quick runner from my club for the first 5km and managed to dip under 40min (39:42) which is a fantastic time.

Weight has continued to drop off with me seeing 79.x for the first time in years. Biking is all about the weight loss. It’s cheaper to lose weight than buy a carbon bike!

Swimming is a weakness but not a worry. I enjoyed Robson Green’s Wild Swimming programme and made me think that what I am about to do is not that barking!

Back at the start of Aug I completed a 13 mile TT run by Plymouth Tri Club. Well last week I had a chance to beat my time of 41:08. It fell by over 2mins. 38:52 was the time, I worked harder and have got a lot fitter with the added bonus of weight loss. We’ll see if I continue those results into next year. I also did a mile brick (running after the bike) which was interesting to say the least.

So, with 3 weeks to go what are my priorities?
1. I need to have a swimming lesson to add technique to my improved water fitness.
2. I won’t taper too much as its only a sprint distance and I am not worried about performance (sub 1:30 would be nice on a hard course).

I hope I get support to cheer me on in St. Mawes and I am looking forward to the paella party afterwards. I have a weekend off training this weekend but will be back at it next week.

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