End of week 3 – more vaseline needed…

A good week’s training this week cycling to/from work and Tue/Thu training with running club.  I also tried swimming in the Tinside Lido in Plymouth.  It was on Monday, a grey but pleasantly warm day, when I cycled to the Lido during my lunch hour.  Wearing only my triathlon (S)peedo shorts as they have been dubbed I entered the water having locked my goggles in my locker.  My, o my it was cold! So cold.  I didn’t expect it to be that cold or salty.  On Friday, having taking the day off I returned this time with my bargain wetsuit.  I completed th 750m but my neck is now red raw and I can barely move it.  I learnt a lot about the use of vaseline/rash vests.  On Sunday I will be racing 10km around Torbay and hoping for a sub 42 minute time… we’ll see!  Next week I think I will need to up my swimming and cycling as these are my weaker disciplines.  Eating healthily is help the weight drop off and I hope to be at fighting weight by the end of Sep.

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