A good week’s training – Fri Rest.

My first Time Trial

As the end of week 1 approaches and my date with the River Fal approaches I have achieved no swimming.  My cut arm is still covered and protected.  i should be able to start next though so that will be fun.

My £15 wetsuit from Tesco has arrived, fits like a glove and have mobility – I just need to try it out now…
I went training on Tuesday with my local running club and I survived Intervals at 6min/mile.  A good hour session, my first for some time gives me hope for Sunday.  I think I should be capable of  7min/mile on the day. 
On Wednesday I ran 4 mile in 32min (easy) to recover as yesterday I took part in my first ever Time Trial.  Hosted by Plymouth Tri Club it was a 13mile loop heading out from Ermington.  The first 6 or so miles vary between flat and uphill before a very quick flat to down hill finish.  I got up to 62kph at one point and averaged 18mph (30kph) for the course.  the winner averaged a very impressive 26mph.  I came 32/37 although one of those was 12 (small victory).  I was also beaten, convincingly, by a 68year old.  Very impressive (and worrying).  There is another one coming up in September so we’ll see if I can improve. 
Today, due to work commitments, I will have a day off but hope to get out for a quick hour or 2 on the bike tomorrow at a low heart rate before the Totnes 10k.  Totnes 10k should be fun and fast but it is XC and on trails with some hills so we’ll have to see how I get on.  Sub 45 is my goal but this will depend on the terrain. 
It will also be a chance to see Totnes with my wife but with thunderstorms forecast it may not be much fun for spectators.

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